Serving Sustainable Seafood


Simply Hooked is a New York sustainable seafood restaurant serving fresh fish and chips inspired by the culinary traditions of Ireland and the Basque Region of France.

Founded by MasterChef Finalist, Chef Matthias Leuliette, and Restaurateur Jason Linehan, we offer chef-quality fish and chips prepared to order.
All dishes are made using only sustainably caught fish, fresh from our ocean.
Simply Hooked offers customers the opportunity to create their own experience by first, selecting a locally sourced, sustainably caught fish and then choosing their preferred coating - from the classic Tempura finish to a spicy Wasabi crust.


Our Commitment


Consumers make a choice with every purchase, that’s why Simply Hooked is committed to serving only sustainable seafood. In addition to sustainable seafood, Simply Hooked is also committed to reducing their plastic footprint by serving only marine degradable paper straws and compostable take-away containers. Ocean bound plastic pollution is a growing environmental threat with over 10 million tons of new plastic entering our ocean each year. Simply Hooked will ensure its customers understand their ocean-positive impact through onsite educational materials and also through extensive wait staff training.

This is the key reason Simply Hooked partnered with the Lonely Whale Foundation, “so no matter where you shop, you’re empowered to take informed action” said Linehan. Simply Hooked is committed to supporting the Lonely Whale Foundation in their efforts to educate and inspire a new generation of ocean advocates. For every dish served, diners are asked to roundup their check, or make a direct donation to Lonely Whale’s education initiative.